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360 Videos to Promote Your Business

The Try Before You Buy model that is dominating customer experience. Customers today like to know what they are paying for before investing their time and money. The travel industry has been innovatively adapting to this trend using 360 cameras and virtual reality to help customers virtually experience a location before signing up for a travel package. Do you want us to create a 360 video for you? Contact us at 9891424203.

Impact of 360 Videos on Travel

When Google launched Street View, the digital reality shifted immensely. Now anyone could pull up a visual of a specific street, immersing themselves in what it was like to travel down that road — and even exploring interiors of local businesses.

Thomas Cook's Foray into VR

Read about how Thomas Cook in the first 3 months the in-store virtual reality experience generated 12,000 flights and hotel bookings and has seen a 40% return on investment. There was also an 190% uplift in New York excursions revenue.

Shangrila Hotel Embraces VR

Now you can explore Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts' hotels and destinations around the world with our immersive 360-degree videos. Take virtual tours of amazing destinations and iconic hotels, all from the comfort of your home.